The Past Students’ Association of St. Rose of Lima’s School was registered in 1967. The PSA was established to organize activities for members with the aim to maintain unity and friendship among the Rosians. Throughout the years, the PSA has participated in important landmarks of the development of St. Rose of Lima’s School and St. Rose of Lima’s College, such as, the expansion of the Embankment campus, the moving of SRL College to Shatin, and the redevelopment of the Embankment campus, etc. In the future, we will still be there to further the interests and development of SRL College whenever possible. “From St. Rose to St. Rose” – the motto of PSA – reflects the love and reverence Rosians have for St. Rose of Lima’s. We hope that more Rosians could come forward and join us in our work.



Annual General Meeting

The AGM of PSA was held at 4:00 pm on 11 March 2017 at St. Rose of Lima’s School. The Constitution was amended upon the advice of the Education Bureau

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